KriOmegaKrill oil from the Antarctic Ocean!

Omega-3 form featuring better absorption!

Leaves no unpleasant aftertaste.
Extra small capsule.

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Doctor advises

Not only Lithuanian doctors but also foreign specialists are highly interested in krill oil. One of them is the host of his own TV show Dr. Oz.

Krill oil properties and positive impact are also promoted by the holistic nutritionist, fitness expert and coach Yuri Elkaim. During more than 13 years, promoting and spreading healthy lifestyle, he has helped more than 76,000 people to feel better. The mission of Yuri Elkaim is to improve the well-being for as many as 10 million people by 2018. Interestingly, that he has been in charge of the nutrition programs of football players of the University of Toronto for 7 seasons.